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4 Easy Breakfast Recipes for People With Diabetes

Double-Duty Banana Pancakes Try this recipe: Double-Duty Banana Pancakes Pancakes are a breakfast staple for a reason and this healthier version uses buckwheat, which is full of healthy fiber. Top them with sliced bananas for that extra pop of freshness. Ingredients: bananas, buckwheat pancake mix, fat-free milk, light pancake syrup Calories: 100 Easy Spud Breakfast Try this recipe: Easy Spud Breakfast Essentially […]

What Is Blood Glucose–and What Makes It High or Low?

Before you had diabetes, your body was able to regulate itself. It didn’t matter what you ate or if you exercised. But with diabetes, your blood glucose (blood sugar) can be high or low. The food you eat, your physical activity, your medicines, and many other factors can cause your blood glucose to be higher or […]

15 Ways High Blood Sugar Affects Your Body

Glucose, or sugar, is the fuel that powers cells throughout the body. Blood levels of this energy source ebb and flow naturally, depending what you eat (and how much), as well as when you eat it. But when something goes wrong—and cells aren’t absorbing the glucose—the resulting high blood sugar damages nerves, blood vessels, and […]

What Is High-Functioning Anxiety–and Could You Have It?

While high-functioning anxiety isn’t exactly a real medical diagnosis, it’s become a term people use to describe themselves and their emotions more and more. The phrase could cover a range of experiences depending on who you are, but mental-health professionals are starting to have a clear picture of what is commonly meant by high-functioning anxiety. […]

Why is there no love in Love Actually?

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